Friday, August 26, 2005

What happens when you have nothing better to do

Today was spent knitting and figuring out my computer. I spent most of my day knitting the sock that will soon become my sister's birthday present, and now I am spending the night learning more about blogging and photo hosting. I have finally sorted out this picture thing and I now present to you my Asana!

(ok so its not completely finished, but the knitting part is!) In other news, I spotted some beauteful sock yarn at the last LYS I visited the other day and I plan on making myself some socks that will finally be correct. My first pair of socks was a disaster! here is a picture of them if you dare lay eyes uppon them........(please don't look too closely at them)

And I now leave you with a picture of my new ikea basket that I am using to store/display pretty yarn. (dont worry I am working on making a gallery for photos so not every post will be full of pictures)


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