Thursday, September 01, 2005

All the cool kids are doing it.....

As I have been serfing the net and visiting my usual blogs, I am reminded that most of them live in the U.S. and are all heartbroken over the devestation of Katrina. I have read storys of family members and other knitters being down there, left with nothing. It's a scary feeling, looking to what is happening in the world. I don't have means of donating money myself, but I came across this website:
I like this idea of making use of our tallent to help others in need aswell as fellow knitters. So if you can't help by donating money, I like the idea of donating crafts for sale. It's a good way to use up you stash and to help other knitters. I would hope that if this sort of thing happend in my area that Americans would come to our aid as well. On a lighter note, I have been knitting like crazy to get some socks done before I get Vintage Knits and fall in love with a pattern and forget all about socks .............. because I know it's going to happen!! The gift pair is almost done, I just need the toe of the seccond sock, and to buy more yarn ............(yes I ran out). The first pair for myself is knit in a beautiful combination of bright colours. It's so yummy looking! It reminds me of icecream!! Ah, what wonderful summer socks. After that if I am still knitting socks, it will be and experiment with leftover Cascade Fixation yarn from my SnBN tankini(note to self, get a photo gallery up so people know what a project looks like when I am talking about it!!!) So here is a sneek peak of, wait ................ my icecream socks!(soon to be named better)

(ain't she a beauty?)


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