Friday, September 02, 2005

Change is in the air...........

Ok, so I decided I didn't like my old layout, and I think this one is just so pretty ....... so I changed everything. But thats ok, because it made me finally adjust the buttons on the sidebar to link to their homes! Yay for me! I am slowly working on more links for you to check out, and a gallery .......... Knitting progress: My summer memmories socks (formally know as icecream socks) are finished! Wooppieee!!!!

(Woot! feet in the air!) (Their sexy pose) (Front veiw)

(Side view)

Yes I know the pictures are wierd, but that is only because it is incredibly hard to take good pictures of your feet!!

And now I will unveil to you, my magical scarf! I am using Crazy Aunte Purl's Magic Scarf pattern to create a checker board effect in the yarn. I finally gave up on using my GGH Safari yarn for socks and gave into a scarf. Hey, fall is coming up and this will go with everything because it has so many different colours!!!

(the scarf hangin' out) (the scarf and I are bonding already)

(close up of the pattern)

Well, that's all from me for now. Keep checking the sidebar for more updates as I get to it. Have a good long weekend!!!!



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