Sunday, September 04, 2005

formating is a wonderful thing

I fixed the darn'd SD card and you better get ready for some photos! The weather wasn't great today so these are all indoor photos. I promise to bring the camera outside as soon as its sunny and happy again. So for now, some interesting shots
This is my new knitting needle holder, notice what they call them at Michales ................ and a picture of my leftover beads and kitty note pad.

Here is my elegant glass bead bracelet. I love the cracked design, it reminds me of marble.

You know your obsessed with knitting when you are reading a novel called knitting. It is actually a very good read. About a woman who has lost her husband and how she meets this interesting woman that knits. I would tell you more but you will just have to read it yourself!!!!!! And of course, my knitting wanted to be photographed to, so here is the book wraped in my latest project that has accompanyd me and the book on the couch

At last, my finished Asana. If you like these pictures, wait till I bring this girl out on the town! Look forward to more pictures later this week.

(front veiw) (back veiw)
(with snazy jacket)

and my personal favorit of front with jacket and showing off my bling (new bracelet I made)

One day of complete freedom before school. What shall I do? Whatever happens, you will hear about it. Thats all from me tonight. Night :)

- Karen


Blogger Julia said...

It looks great! I love the orange color and can't wait to see it modeled in natural light. Great job.

9/15/2005 04:39:00 PM  

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