Saturday, September 03, 2005

I can not belive I left the camera at home!

A great day was had today, but sadly I forgot the camera. I went to Winners, and believe me there were the funniest shoes ever! I just wish you could have seen them .......... any ways I looked around, found a nice top and skirt, but only left with the top. Then off to Michales!!! I scored a beauteful wine tube that I am using to hold my knitting needles. However, my favorite purchase of the day were some beautiful glass(I think) beads that I got half off thanks to my coupon from the flyer. I made a gorgeous bracelet that I will flaunt at school next week(tee hee!). And don't forget the cutest kitty note pad!!! Sadly, there will be no pictures in this post. My memory card for my camer decided to crap out on me. I will take some pictures, look at them, turn the camera off, then turn it on and look at them again. BUT, when I go to my dads computer(because he has a card reader) to load them onto my computer, there gone! And when I try to look at them on my camera they have suddenly dissapered!!!! I am so enraged that I have given up on pictures tonight so I dont kill something ............ mainly the knitting! Wish me luck with getting this all sorted out. - Fustrated


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