Monday, September 12, 2005

I don't quite know how to explain my weekend. It was full of yarn shop hopping, but it was unhappy. I was desperatly searching for some wool so I could make Hipster from the new Knitty, but no one had what I was looking for! Can you imagine that? So I finally gave up and searched online. I have found a store not so locally that has the exact yarn,but I am willing to travel. I just need to call them and see about the colours. All is good and happy in knitting land!! To other news, I joined my schools knitting club. Yes, I know I'm a dork. But now I have a reson to knit Alison's Hip scarf. I am using my school colours and incorperating the HP theme. It's great!! And to all of you that were sad about my camera (including me!), here are some pictures I managed to load onto the computer.

Finished Fixation socks!
More finished socks!!!
mmmmm, muffins!
And last but not least my hip scarf.
Unless something interesting happens or I just need a place to vent, I might not post for the next few days untill I get my yarn. Look forward to a yarn photo shoot this weekend!
- off in la la land


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