Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm not alone in my tiny little city!!

I am so happy!! I was at my schools knitting club meeting today. I got to talking with a lady, I'm assuming is some staff member from my school, and I was just so happy! Someone else that has the same dream of opening a yarn store in my little city, that has been to some of the same yarn stores I have and has the same knitting books I do!! I felt like finally!, someone else to talk with about knitting and to discuss project ideas and dream about yarn ........... she has the seccond book by our beloved Yarn Harlot!! She is also knitting something in cashmere and is going to bring it in for us to feel :) *I'm in knitting heaven* Plus, we want to take a feild trip as the knitting club to yarn shops!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! OTHER CRAZY KNITTERS LIKE MYSELF!!!!!! Ok, I just had to get that out. I have a finished Hip scarf but no camera, so I will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting untill I a) borrow a camera or b) make someone take a picture and send it to me Bubby has almost one leg, and will most likely be finished today or tomorrow. - Happy knitter


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