Sunday, September 25, 2005

A little mail can brighten anyones day

Yesterday was very productive. I finished blue bubby #1, re-conned two t-shirts and painted a t-shirt. Plus, there was the added bonus of mail!! I received my free Cover Girl & Teen Vogue "Designed to a tee" contest t-shirt. All you had to do is buy 2 Cover Girl product totaling $9 or more, send the bill and get a free tee!!! The winning design is pretty cool. However, the tee is a big big on me, because I assume they printed one size hoping it would fit any girl. Oh well, I will get around to resizing it one day..........

So about my craftyness yeasterday(don't worry, part of it has to do with knitting!). I faux appliqued some fabric in the shape of a heart and flower onto some old tees and sewed some buttons on. The idea came from a $55 t-shirt i saw in the mall.

The tee I painted is so much fun and I ca't wait to wear it tomorrow!! It's a light pink t-shirt, with the words "I'd rather be knitting" painted on the front. On the back I painted a little ball of yarn with needles sticking out of it. Isn't that cute? I'm going to wear it to my knitting club meeting (can you say dork? I know I am :P).

And finally, some crafting today! I made a simple planner cover with some leftover lepord print fabric. Yes I was very bored this weekend and the idea of knitting ANOTHER bubby put me off knitting. Don't worry, as soon as I get my yarn for hipster, the needles will be a flyin'

Thats all for now. And sorry about the crappy webcam pictures, camera still in the shop. I promise better ones when I get it back!!!!

- Karen


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