Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Only knitting on my mind

Bad things happen to you the first day of school. Don't worry, I didn't get lost. I was not late. I had friends in my classes. It's actually a pretty good semester. The problem came at the end of the day. Not having homework for 2 months can make you forget about. I grabbed all I needed so I didn't have to lug alot on the bus. I got home, had a drink and decided to get my homework done so I could use the rest of the night to knit. *looking through binder* form, form, form, where's that sheet I wrote my homework on? I have the text book so I didn't need the binder ......... oh crap. OH CRAP. I left it at school. HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID? Now, most of my classmates would be resonable, heck I could do it at lunch because I don't have math untill the afternoon. But something in me freaked out. I mean freak out like I just screwed up 50 rows back on an intricate lace patern in mohair screw up. So what do I do? Grab my sunglasses and bolt for the bus. This is where the probelms begin. It is rush hour. The traffic is not moving (I find out later because of a huge accident on the bridge everyone is trying to get over). So I decide to walk and catch the bus when it passes me. No bus comes. Oh about 6 pass me on the other side, but non on mine. So I walk. Now, I live in a small city so there is only one highschool. I live on one end of the city and it is on the other. So I get there, get my measly binder and start home. The heat is deathly. I have and expired bus pass so it wouldn't matter if a bus come or not. In my haste I slipped on flip flops. This all adds up to a sweatty, hot, dehydrated, me. My feet still hurt. Ok now that I have vented about that, onto something more intereting! I have finished fixation footie #1 and have cast on the top ribbing. My magic scarf is on its way but I like it as an at home project that i can enjoy and my friends will only see the finished project. After these two I will either make a bag (I want to make the french market bag) or the mitten from Vintage Knits. It all depends on what I have in my stash and what the stores have. Sorry this post is not really full of knitting. I can however offer you this picture:

This is just a tea cozy from SnBN I knit a while ago with some yarn from my moms stash. I love it but have no tea pot ..........................

- Karen


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