Friday, September 23, 2005

Vacume cleaners hurt.

Sometime my family forgets about me. All alone down here in the basement. So they turn the lights off. No biggy, I can manouver myself from my bedroom to the staires, I know where everything is. CORRECTION, I don't know when someone leaves the vacume cleaner in the middle of my path to the staires. And let me tell you, running into vacume cleaners late at night is not good for you. I can feel the bruise forming. My knee is red and has lost some skin. Gross, I know, but it hurts!!!! Ok, enough of that. My Lambs Pride worsted yarn for Hipster is on its way :D. Can't wait to make it! Then I don't have to carry a big purse around(only a little one for knitting). Plus, I want to make one for my friends birthday with the leftover yarn. *happy dance* I am also praying for fellow bloggers in the path of Rita. What is going on with our world? I hope they are safe and that their stash is with them. Maybe they will finally finish some abandoned UFO's and will come out of the storme laden with freshly knit goods. It's an idea............. - tyred and wounded


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