Friday, September 30, 2005

Woa. It's October tomorrow. I need to start crackin'! October is my favorit month not only because of the nice fall weather, pretty leaves, Thanksgiving and Haloween, but it is also the month of one of my best friends birthdays, and mine aswell! We are actually a year and one week apart. So now I have the task of getting together a birthday gift, aswell as a costume for halloween. I have some ideas, but I just need to find the right things. Still waiting on the yarn and camera front. I swear I am going to be sitting at the front door on monday, with hope that my camera will FINALLY be back in my hands. That poor postal worker, they won't even know whats hit them. As for the yarn................ who knows???? It will feel weird going to the knitting club with no knitting........ but hopefully I can drool over books and imagine I have all the yarn in the world and I am blissfully knitting away at every project I could ever think of........................ now that just makes me sad. Though, I have been using my time wisely. I made a Little Mermaid bag out of old sheets. Only problem, I made it square and wanted to fit an image in, so it is HUGE. So it is coming apart tomorrow and being downsized. I hope to get some fance things to make the strap adjustable, then I'll be happy. And I'd better finish it for sat. night, cause I'm going bowling! Yah, thats right! My friends mom is running for something on city council I think, and she is having a fundraiser/campaign thingy, and it's bowling! woo hooo!!!! Ok, dorkieness is over. -Karen


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