Saturday, September 17, 2005

The world hates me............

.................. ok not really but it feals like it. Either that or I am getting dummer by the day. The reasons why I now hate Michales: 1. they seem to carry every kind of Lion Brand yarn, EXCEPT the kind I am looking for 2. it's a 30 min. transit ride 3. their coupons only apply to one item, whats the point in that? if it was for your entire purchaes then it would make my trips out there more worthwhile 4. when they put you on hold, they have tricky music. it goes quiet and you think they are finally going to talk to you, then it keeps on going!!! I'm sorry to all of you that love Michales. Maybe it is just my michales. But having gone there twice in a one week period looking for yarn and have come home empty handed. So from now on, I swear not to go to any store looking for yarn and wander around clulessly only to find out they don't have it. I will always call ahead to mkae sure they have exactly what I want. (lets see how long this lasts)


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