Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just a quick note....

I have lots to tell you but not enough time to do it. Friday night: parrrtaaay!!!! My friend and i that share close birthdates decided to have a combined birthday party. We had lots of fun, 9 girls + 2 kittens + cake = parents staying far away. So the just of it is, we had lots of laughs, ate cake, opend presents and hade a great night. Pictures will come but that may take a few hours........ Some of my favorit gifts include a hand made charm necklace from my bf, really pretty purple pink verigated yarn (what to do? I'm thinking hat & gloves, or another clapotis?), Chapters gift certificate(got the seccond yarn harlot book!), the most comfortable socks not hand knit, really yummy smelling soap& candles, and a miniature ballerina to hang up in my room. This weekend has been so busy, what with a project due monday (I'm over half done, wheeee!), my goal to finish hipster for monday (picture day for the knitting club and I wanna show it off), and an ever growing list of promises. I have finally made a VCD of pictures to pass around to all my friends, and I am at the point in Clapoist where I get to drop sts(whoopieee!). And my friend got some really nice smelling hand lotion that works great (moisturises for a long time and is not greasy!!) so I have to go to the mall and get some.......... And I have my haloween costume! I went to this really good sewing shop and got a plastic thingy that is half of a giant battery to tie onto the front of yourself. I am going to wear all black and tease my hair to look like I was electricuted ;). It's gonna be a great monday, if only I get everything done!! Sorry if thei is rushed, spelt wrong or just plain weird. I really wish I had a laptop so I could write blog entries while in the living room doing who knows what. Well maybe if I ever get a job....................... -Karen


Blogger amylovie said...

You b-day party sounds like it was a blast. I love your Halloween idea.


10/30/2005 04:37:00 AM  

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