Friday, October 07, 2005

Knitting pictures

Thats right, I'm back to my blog being all about knitting. I whiped up a temporary arm warmer (the seccond to be completed tomorrow) tonight and tomorrow I will start on some longer ones out of leftover fixation yran (in yummy red and purple). These are temporary b/c they are short and birght, and a made up pattern. I want some nice are warmers, but these will have to do at the moment. It has been getting really cold in the morning, so these are warmers will sure be used!!!

Yarn: leftover Lerici Feine and Berger de France Ideal, in orange and blue.

Pattern: k2 p2 ribbing and stockinette st. knit flat, sides sewn up.

In other news, starting to panic about what to get my friend for her quickly approaching birthday. Help!



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