Monday, October 03, 2005

More ranting

Thats right. If you don't want to read an entrie ranting about whatnot, turn away now!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I assume most people are gone, but what ever. I got my camera back today. very excited to take pictures. But they said they didn't fix it, that there was nothing wrong. Basicly that I am stupid and have wasted their time. But I KNOW there is a problem with my camera. Not only has it deleted my pictures but my dads too. Were not both crazy. So I have to wait for it to delete my pictures again (this time I'm sure i will cry) so the I can send it back AGAIN, being separated from it for over 2 weeks, and then they still might send it back. Can't they just replace it now?????? Save me the trouble. Grrrrrrrrr. So any ways, untill it craps out on me again, you will have some more colourful posts, showing all the projects I have worked on since the absence of the camera. Not tonight though, got to take some pictures in "day light" (because it is grey skys out). Night!


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