Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why I love October........

Yes, October is my favorit month. I even made a list of why I love it so much! 1. The great fall weather, just cold enough for a sweater. Plus the leaves are starting to turn wonderful colours of yellow orange and brown. Beautiful! 2. Thanksgiving (yeah I'm Canadian!!), turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie! yummy.... 3. One of my best friends birthdays! and coincidentaly, a week before mine! 4. My birthday!! (hoping for some yarn) 5. Socktober fest!! I heart socks!! 6. Haloween specials (like the simpsons!) 7. Haloween, dressing up and having all the bite size candy you can eat (although that may not be wise....) As you can see, I love October! But now onto knitting!! My socktober fest socks are on their way, a jumble of leftover sock yarn, that promise and interesting pair of socks! Today I took them on an adventure, to the movies! We saw the wallace and Gromit movie, and I'm surprised how similar I am to Wallace and Gromit! I love cheese and knitting, so I absolutly loved the movie! Yes, a good time was had by all. I even managed to get a picture of the sock enjoying its ride on the skytrain.

(those are my wonderful hands giving the sock a little help so it gets a better veiw)

Earlyer today the sock was enjoying the burst of sunlight we had. I'm really sad it's not going to last, but this sock is meant for the cold days that are to come, so it better get used to it.

Ah the life of a sock.......................................



Blogger Lolly said...

Your sock is so cultured :) It is off to a great start!

10/12/2005 05:01:00 AM  

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