Thursday, November 03, 2005


I have myself in a pickle. To frog or not to frog?? Heres the sitch', I am half way through my Clapotis, but have used 2/3 skeins of yarn. I called the store where I bought it, they don't have the right colour b/c I bought the last 3 skeins. I called several yarn stores and they don't even carry the same brand! So what do I do? Search the planet for this yarn(that isn't even on the yarn brands website!!), paying whatever the cost? Or frog it, and make the width short? We all know choise #2 is the most likely, but it's the most heart breaking! I am half way through. Waaaaaaaa!! Please, fellow bloggers, if you see Schoeller Stahl Lerici Fein Color, in colour 939(do not care about dye lot here, I'm desperate!), PLEASE Please please, tell me! I am very deperate. I know, I should have actually calculated and realised when they had no more yarn to choose another colour, but I am naieve. I truly thought I could make it work. I have underestemated the yarn gods. Please forgive me, I really want to find some nice yarn at that fibre festival on sat............. So, thankyou for reading. Bare with me. I'm so glad I have a bag full of chocolate. -Karen


Blogger amylovie said...

On my first Clapotis, the same realization occurred. I wound up just not doing as many repeats of the middle section of the work. It is a bit short, but OK. So much better than frogging.


11/04/2005 05:10:00 AM  

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