Friday, November 11, 2005

Weekend projects

I'm so excited!!!! This is going to be such a fun weekend!! So today I went to Value Village with some friends and we found this cool sweater. It reminds me of Julias Clemantine(sp?), go look on her blog if you don't know what I mean (mind of winter). Its blue and orange striped, from the gap (there is so much stuff from the gap at Value Village!). It's too big, and my friend thought it was itchy (cause it's mostly wool). I was going to make a felted bag out of it...... but I like it so much!! I am going to make the sleves shorter(it is 3/4 length but I want to make it short sleve-ish), and make the body more fitted(it's a Medium and I usually wear XS-S at The Gap). Yay! I hope my plan works, I want to cut the sleve and graft the ribbed cuff to it. I hope it works, cause it would look weird with a seam if I just sewed it. Wish me luck that I can manage that!! Here's a picture:

My friend and I also got really pretty matching tea cups. The cups are chocolate brown and the saucer is white with chocolate brown print on it, kinda like wall paper.We are going to sip hot chocolate in them together tomorrow after more shopping. Yes, I finally found clogs like the ones I saw in the U.S. Walmart. They are pink and don't have the stuff around it...(yah I don't know what to call the stuff, go back and look at the picture). So I shall buy them, and my friend wants to pick out yarn for the kitty ville hat she is paying me to make. And finally I want to look for a nice warm pea coat. I love shopping!

Ok, so onto knitting. My razor shell socks are going along fine now after I ripped them out once. They are very pretty. Look at the sock it to me! KAL cause I will post a picture there. Other projects on the go are my christmas pressies! I am going to join Alisons christmas gift KAL and post my pictures there. So far I have one thing done. But 2 on the needles and others paitently waiting. However, with two people wanting me to knit them hats that they will pay for, the chirtmas gifts are sitting on the side line. I plan to knit the hats a.s.a.p. so I can have money to buy more christmas gifts if I need to. And my shimmer shrug will be put aside untill christmas vacation when I am done all my knit gifts. I hope "IT" dosen't happen to me!!!

Ok, I'll stop tryping now. I'm so excited!!!! Wish me luck!!



Blogger amylovie said...

Your right. It does look like Julia's sweater.


11/11/2005 07:15:00 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Sounds like you've got a great little hat business starting there!! Good for you!

11/12/2005 06:01:00 AM  

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