Saturday, December 31, 2005

One year ago tonight........

I started my first pair of socks. This was the most profound moment in my new knitting career. The first time I ever encountered dpn's!! Yes, after the socks I could no longer stick to just scarves! I was daring to try new and wonderful things! Last year, there were many firsts for me in knitting. First knitting book, SnB Nation. First yarn store I visited, Knit n' Stitch in West Vancouver. Heck, seccond ayrn store I visited was Urban Yarns in Vancouver and that was on Canada Day, when I bought the Cascade Fixation for my tankini! First pair of socks finished, who knows when but I was very proud. First wearable thing I knit, Asana. First FO out of natural fibre (yarn and mohair blend), Hipster. So many more! This has been a very productive knitting year! I have countless FO's, many stories and many dreams. Here is to another year of knitting, be it firsts or just new discoveries. See you in the new year!!! Karen


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