Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bouncing off the wall..... seriously!!

Today has been a very good day!! At first it seemd glum, another boring rainy day at school, with the stree of homework deadlines and many other commitments. However, it all got better after 3:00. My replacemeant headphones (because the cats chewed on them ...... grr) finaly arrived today when someone was home to sign for the package. Then my dad surprised me with the iSee nano case I had desperatly tryed to get on the weekend, but we were all so busy that it got forgoten. As I danced around (and yes took pictures!!) I was on my way to a great evening. Here is my dream case:

P.S. It has a really nifty little plastic thingy on the back that lets you loop the headphones around so it makes a lanyard! Now I can knit and listen to my knitting podcast, that I absolutly love!!! Plus, I worked my butt off after school and have finished half this nioghts homework, which is good cause it's hard to have to work on the computer and not be distracted my knitting blogs and such............................... Then I had a lighbulb moment. Alison was going to draw the names this weekend for the prizes from the holiday KAL!! I zoomed over to her blog (as fast as you can zoom on my computer, which is a bit slow...) and guess what?? I won some beautiful blue handpainted yarn!! I am soooo excited! My first handpainted yarn and first prize won that is knitting related! I think this yarn will get me out of my post-christmas knitting blues. And the yarn is blue, tee hee hee. I have no clue what I am going to make, but I'm sure some special pattern will find me. So yes, today has been just what I needed to boost my spirits to get me through the rest of this week, and possibly the semester. Wish me luck, in two weeks I have to perform with my dance class our presentation of Snow White! eeeee, must go practice with ipod...............................


Blogger yahaira said...

your nano looks so cute! makes me want to get another ipod

congrats on the yarn, it's always fun winning or trading something with other bloggers! what do you think you'll make?

1/13/2006 09:12:00 PM  
Blogger Iggy said...

Wait. Which case is that? Is that the iSee nano?

Dig it!

1/27/2006 11:53:00 PM  

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