Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where do t-shirts go?

I am going insane. How is it possible to loose clothing in your own house?? How is it possible to loose two shirts that you last wore together, but not the third shirt you wore that day??(yes I layer). I have looked everywhere. My shirt drawr, under ware drawr, pant drawr. Laundry basket, washer and dryer, parents laundry basket, sisters laundry basket, other side of the basement (in case that cats have them??), spare dresser drawrs, closet, under bed...... i't killing me!! I just wore these shirts on sunday, then put them in my shirt drawr sunday night. I had already picked out clothing for the next day, so i never opend my drawr. Then when I look for it (the mauve cardigan) to wear to dance, it's gone! And the light pink polkadot button up? No where!! I don't get it, are there house elves stealing my clothing? It is some sick joke my mom is playing on me for not doing my laundry? What ever it is, tell it I want my shirt back!!!!


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