Sunday, August 28, 2005


I am amazing myself with how much quicker the seccond pair of socks I have ever knit are compared to the first ones. It's probably because I have more projects (and yarn) already in my head and waiting to be started(that will be for me of course!) so I have lots of motivation to get these socks over with! As you know (I think) I am planning on making myself a pair of socks (footies non the less!!) with this beautiful sock yarn in pink yellow and orange (reminds me of sherbert and ice cream and all sorts of yummy stuff!!). After that is a mystery project with a skien of yarn I fell in love with and am seriously considering buying a seccond one depending on how this project works out. I'll keep you posted on my adventure! Ok, so I wasn't planning to put a picture in this post, but I can't resist!!!!

( here is sock number one hanging out in my knitting bag at the park, it is so much fun to knit on a swing![but not while swinging!!])

I thought you would like that.

So now that I have filled my knitting quotent of this post I will tell you about my day. A couple of days ago I received a call for a lady telling me about how I was going to be a volunteer for a "doggy fun day" at my local park. I was in shock of how this person got my number so I just said ok, what time? Don't worry, I ended up having fun! I guess that I singed up for something and they never called me so they kept my number untill they needed someone. So my day was spent knitting while I sold raffle tickets and watched dogs do crazy things like bob for hot dog weiners (I kind you not!) and do three legged race (with three legged dogs!).

Knitting time for me! See you at the other end of the sock.


Friday, August 26, 2005

What happens when you have nothing better to do

Today was spent knitting and figuring out my computer. I spent most of my day knitting the sock that will soon become my sister's birthday present, and now I am spending the night learning more about blogging and photo hosting. I have finally sorted out this picture thing and I now present to you my Asana!

(ok so its not completely finished, but the knitting part is!) In other news, I spotted some beauteful sock yarn at the last LYS I visited the other day and I plan on making myself some socks that will finally be correct. My first pair of socks was a disaster! here is a picture of them if you dare lay eyes uppon them........(please don't look too closely at them)

And I now leave you with a picture of my new ikea basket that I am using to store/display pretty yarn. (dont worry I am working on making a gallery for photos so not every post will be full of pictures)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My teachers would be proud.....

Yes, even though it's summer I am slowly learning. Computer things that is, like how to post pictures on my blog ( notice handmade knitting needles??) and how to change things around. It's really quite interesting. Soon I will have an amazing blog! But there is always more for me to learn so for today, this is your only picture. Don't worry, I'm working on getting pictures of actual knitting up too. -Karen

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm off hunting.......

Yes, I have finally decided to finish up my Asana (grumble it better not be messed up grumble grumble),and now I am hunting for my next project. I want something I can wear in the fall because I am most likely to finish it in October or even November if I am really slow :(aaaaaahhhhhh! school!!!!!!). I was thinking maybe my first sweater? But it can't be just any sweater, it has to be cute and able to wear with anything, and the yarn can't be too expensive (I am so picky!!). So to day I am visiting ANOTHER yarn store in search of my perfect LYS. Wish me luck that I can choose just one pattern!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

As the summer end's, so do my summer projects!

Now that my summer is winding down I am busy trying to finish my summer knitting projects! I finished my Swirt and am half way done my Asana. I don't plan to start any more summer knitting projects so I am looking for some nice fall knits. Pictures of my finished projects will be posted soon, happy knitting everyone! -Karen