Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's times like this that I wish I liked drinking......

I felted my hipster. My baby. The yarn i waited almost a month for. $15 for this bag. Many hours enjoyed knitting it. Then it goes into the washing machine. It is mangled. It looks like a drowned rat. The pouch/pocket of it stretched weirdly and the flap wont budge if I try to stretch it to make them the same size. It is hairy. I want to cry. Do I have any other option besides cutting the pouch and sewing it up????? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just a quick note....

I have lots to tell you but not enough time to do it. Friday night: parrrtaaay!!!! My friend and i that share close birthdates decided to have a combined birthday party. We had lots of fun, 9 girls + 2 kittens + cake = parents staying far away. So the just of it is, we had lots of laughs, ate cake, opend presents and hade a great night. Pictures will come but that may take a few hours........ Some of my favorit gifts include a hand made charm necklace from my bf, really pretty purple pink verigated yarn (what to do? I'm thinking hat & gloves, or another clapotis?), Chapters gift certificate(got the seccond yarn harlot book!), the most comfortable socks not hand knit, really yummy smelling soap& candles, and a miniature ballerina to hang up in my room. This weekend has been so busy, what with a project due monday (I'm over half done, wheeee!), my goal to finish hipster for monday (picture day for the knitting club and I wanna show it off), and an ever growing list of promises. I have finally made a VCD of pictures to pass around to all my friends, and I am at the point in Clapoist where I get to drop sts(whoopieee!). And my friend got some really nice smelling hand lotion that works great (moisturises for a long time and is not greasy!!) so I have to go to the mall and get some.......... And I have my haloween costume! I went to this really good sewing shop and got a plastic thingy that is half of a giant battery to tie onto the front of yourself. I am going to wear all black and tease my hair to look like I was electricuted ;). It's gonna be a great monday, if only I get everything done!! Sorry if thei is rushed, spelt wrong or just plain weird. I really wish I had a laptop so I could write blog entries while in the living room doing who knows what. Well maybe if I ever get a job....................... -Karen

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blog, what Blog?

Don't worry, I haven't purposly been avoiding my blog! I'm to darn busy with school back in session. Math tests, projects, performances, it's all very hecktic. But alas, a no homework night!! Amazing! On the knitting front, all I need to do is finish the belt and I am ready to felt Hipster! I hope to do it over the weekend, as well as a project......... My Clapotis is rolling now that I took it apart about 3 times. I am just about to start the straight section, time to drop stitches baby! Here is a picture of her one repeat before that point.

As for the kitty front, we brought number 2 home on monday! My sister's little male black kitty. It took a while for them to get used to eachother, but now they are running around the house and it sounds like horses! Heres a really cute picture of Suzie in my back pack!

Another note on my birthday.... prezzies! And more will come tomorrow at my (late) combined party with my friend that was born one year and one week before me. We are going to have so much fun! Pictures to follow........

(Gift from a BF, really pretty argyle sweater and Todd bar! Yummy!!!!!!) So plans for the weekend: -Finish school project!!! -Finish hipster!! -Get Halloween costume! -Watch Centre Stage (another b-day prezzie!) One more thing..... today I got this really cool Dove travel Kit, for $5! It has little bottles(basicly samples) of body wash, face wash, deoderant and soap. It all smells good and now I am in love with their body wash! I smell so nice!

Well anyways, CSI is on soon, so i must get back to my clapotis, see yah! -Karen

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Are you sure you know what your doing?

Apparently I don't, as my dad pointed out. "Aren't you supposed to knit so there are no holes?", "Yes dad, but I just did it wrong" "well why do you take it out?" "because I DON'T WANT TO". Yes, I have finally got back on track with the knitting! And I have two projects on the go! I finally got needles for hipster (*shudder*, terrible experience, involving crying but lets forget about that...) and it's a really quick knit! Already after knitting one hour (not including the 3 times I ripped it out, never liked how I started it) I am done the initial and a few rows away from ending the flap and heading on to the actual bag. can't wait to felt, it will be my first project!!

(note the holes dad so nicely pointed out...)

What's the seccond project? Why my Clapotis :D. I found some nice verigated yarn in pastel colours. It's not fall colours, but I hope it looks nice (and hey thats just another reason to make myself a seccond one!!). If not I think I will cry untill my room is full of tears :(.

(this is when I started a swatch to see how the colours turned out)
Get this, I was out at an LYS and looky what I found!
A fibre festival! Woot! It may not be Rhineback, but it's as close as I can get for now! I'm sooo excited! And another cool thing, this yarn store had an angora bunny on display! They are so lucky! He is too cute, and is must be some nice yarn they can spin from what he sheds :D.

Check out this article in the newspaper me mommy found. That sounds like such a cool place to live!

One last thing, I wanted to try out making a twisted hank after I saw some discussion on how to do it on the Knitty Coffeeshop. So I experimented with leftover yarn and my bullitin board! I think I get the hang of this...

So that was my day, I hope to finish Hipster tomorrow so I can get it out of the way before school starts so i only have one project on the go. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 21, 2005


I finally made a button. I don't like it too much, but what do you guys think? Post your comments and I may try and make a better button later. -Karen

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blog game

Here are my four truths and a lie: 1. I love circular knitting needles 2. When I was little I got my finger caught in a lawn chair, and still have a scar 3. I own my grandmothers old spinning wheel but don't know how to spin 4. I am scared to death of horses 5. I own glasses that I should wear, but I hardly wear them Have fun guessing!

Update on kitten

It seems we were a bit mistaken about our kitty. She was infact a SHE, not a he! Oh well, we had a good laugh and now we have a new name. Suzie! She had a good night, slept in an old doll house. Sooo cute. She is interested in everything, including my feet! So I decided to have a photo shoot with her and my Socktoberfest socks!

Hmm, what are these? Well, I must check them out! Lets see here.......

Hmm, they don't smell too bad. Hey, they move!

Here she is with foot for scale. I am a size 8 womans.

And this one is just adorable. My old kitty loved playing with pens and pencils. Yes, she fits in great at our house.

Knitting plans. Well, kind of put on hold till I can get to the yarn store! At least I have Suzie to keep me busy. Then mom tryed to knit last night, Suzie was just amazed by the moving needles and wanted to chew on them. I don't know if she likes yarn yet, but if she does she can gladly have the acrylic while I knit with the good stuff. Not that I don't mind some acrylic, it's just I don't want her to ruin my projects and $$ spent on fancy yarn when she can get just as much enjoyment out of free stuff.

There is still a bit of birthday cake left, must go rescue it from the fridge :D.

-Karen and Suzie

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The best birthday i could have ever asked for.

Today is a great day, a day I will always remember. Not because of the great birthday gifts, or the cake, or the weather. Today is the day we brought home our new baby, a Siamese kitten!!! I am extatic! After many months we finally have a cat in the house again. And whats better that a kitten? Two! My sister is bringing hers home soon so they can be friends. I can't wait!! So here is the long awaited photo shoot! Isn't he beautiful? Right now he is sitting on my lap. Such a lovely kitty! He is very bouncy though, and I'm not use to that because my last cat was very calm and hardly moved. It's like having a two year old in the house!! However, he needs a name. We have no clue! Something unique, but not weird. He is such a nice kitty. Any suggestions are welcome, and if the family likes you might get the honour of naming our kitty!

Now onto birthday loot :D.

From mom and dad, the wrap sweater I wanted, and a ballet slipper necklace! I love it, the sweater is so warm!

DS got me a great gift, both Bridget Jones movies! It's the perfect way to spend the day, curled up with a good movie and some knitting! And chocolate is nice :D.

Granny got me the coolest quilting book, and yarn money :D.

And my dear friend gave me a coaster with my name on it (and I fit the discription perfectly!), a key chain with my family crest, and a really yummy looking lolly pop!!

And finally, my cards. I love the wizard one, it's all sparkely! And of course, kitty cards!

So that was my day, I hope to go to a LYS on thursday to get my needles for hipster and yarn for clapotis. I may even pick up some yarn for a kittypi :D.

aaawwww, he is still in my lap, almost asleep!

Now, I'm off to eat some cake................

-Karen and kitty

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm back! And I come with yarn!! Today was lots of fun, but I had to get up at an unhuman hour. It was ok though, because I got to eat Pumpkin pancakes!! Then a nice sleep and what do you know, were there? The mitten and I enjoyed looking around at vintage dolls and toys, while being hounded by people to buy buy buy! I did make it out of there, and I had quite and adventure in WalMart. I have never in my life been to a WalMart Supercenter, untill today. Man, those things are massive! everything you could think of. Even fresh food! that amazed me. But my time was well spent in the shoe section. I fell in love, but had to leave them behind. I am hoping I can find them up here, if I do I will be extremly happy. I present to you, the most comfortable clogs that would be perfect for showing off freshly knitted socks. Just look at them, ahhhhhhh............... I am considering going to every WalMart withing reasonable distance to find them. I had no luck on their web site. Please please please be in a store near me!!!! So, today was the day, I have my yarn for Hipster!!!! It is beautiful! And sooooo soft. I couldn't stop fondeling and hugging it. I can't wait to knit with this stuff. I am going to have lots of fun with any leftovers. Weasley update: after the, er, problem with the first mitten (aka giant mitten), I started again with different yarn and made a Gryffindor coloured mitten. It worked out much better. Now all I need to do is buy more red yarn and I have myself some mittens! Then I will eventually get to Ravencalw mittens, after Hipster is done, and my clapotis, and christmas presents. Ooohhh, I'm getting scared already!! (note: due to technical difficulty, aka blogger is ARSING UP AGAIN and not letting me post a picture of my mitten, it will have to wait untill I no longer want to kill my computer)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The sun came out today so I took the oportunity to have a mini photo shoot. Can you spot the socks?
So what is that secret project I told you about yesterday? Well I had planned on making myself some super duper Hogwarts house mittens, but worsted weight yarn + pattern for not worsted weight yarn + me not adjusting the pattern = GIANT MITTENS!!

Look how scary they are ....... whoooOOOooOOOooOOOooooOOOoooo


So I am off to the states tomorrow, goin' to a doll and toy show. I will bring you more pictures of knitting (I'm picking up my yarn for hipster!!YAY!!) and my adventures tomorrow.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Replies to my comments

I have been meaning to reply to all the great comments I have been getting, so here is my response to them: Robin said: OOOOhhhhh, beautiful socks! What yarn did you use for the pink and yellow ones? They are smokin hot. When is your birthday? I used DGB Confetti superwash yarn in colour 01005. My birthday is on October 18, same as Amylovie! Amielovie said: You have a lot of great FO's! Why thankyou! I hope everyone enjoys them Lolly said: I have heard that socks are great math tutors :) Unfortunatly, this sock is the kind of tutor that distracts you to a point where you feel guilty that your not working, so you do a few math problems every couple of rows :) Hope that y'all are reading this because I don't have time to e-mail you each individually to thank you for the comments quite yet. One day I will. In other news, I am working on a secret project, but I will give you a hint: It was inspried by fellow Weasley KALer Ruth and this post about her HP FO's. -Karen

Not so creative today

I finished my first Socktoberfest socks! Woohoo! I want to get some creative shots of them, but theres not much you can do at night. So here is your first glimps at the socks..................

As you can see, I had some fun with the black and white option on my camera. If you want to see two other shots, visit the gallerie. As for me, I'm going to see about making myself some mittens ................. pictures to come .............


Up and running

Yes, I have finally created a gallerie for all my FO's. It's not what I wanted, but it will have to do untill I get what i want. But yay for you! You can see my knitting FO's. This makes it easyer for me to show you my knitting. Now post photos will be of WIP's and other random pictures. So feel free to browse what I have been a knittin'. -Karen P.S. It's the Flickr thingy on the side bar, scroll down till you find it, just in case you were wondering

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A day well spent

Yes, not only did I finish a sock today (!!!!) but I made a dent in the math homework I was given before the strike. Went to the library so I could work with some friends and actually do the home work, because at home there are way to many distractions. But near the end i got bored, so I pulled out my sock. My studdy buddy was a bit scare at first. She was like "that looks dangerous!". Never thought of sock knitting as dangerous, but you never know................... So here is the sock, er, "helping" me with math.

Does it look scared to you? Any ways, after that I left for the mall to get a little last min. addition to my friends birthday gift. So what do I find at WallMart? these cool looking packages of yarn to support breast cancer. It comes with 2 skeins of light pink Lion brand fun fur, hot pink size 10 plastic straight knitting needles, and instructions to knit a scarf. I think it's cool, and I love the pink. But I don't know what I'd actually do with it if I bought it. The only thing I could think of is to knit something with it and donate it/sell it for breast cancer funds. So if anyone is interested in any of that, check your local Walmart for those kits.

Yes, so that was my day. I have one finished sock that I have to seam the toes up so I will start the seccond one soon (maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow). So untill then, you will have to wait for another interesting sock shot.

p.s. heres another quiz result

Your Fashion Style is Classic
You like what's stood the test of time...Simple, well styled clothes that don't scream trendyYou stay updated and modern, but your clothes stay in style for a whileYou wouldn't be caught in animal prints, fake fur, or super bright colors

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why I love October........

Yes, October is my favorit month. I even made a list of why I love it so much! 1. The great fall weather, just cold enough for a sweater. Plus the leaves are starting to turn wonderful colours of yellow orange and brown. Beautiful! 2. Thanksgiving (yeah I'm Canadian!!), turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie! yummy.... 3. One of my best friends birthdays! and coincidentaly, a week before mine! 4. My birthday!! (hoping for some yarn) 5. Socktober fest!! I heart socks!! 6. Haloween specials (like the simpsons!) 7. Haloween, dressing up and having all the bite size candy you can eat (although that may not be wise....) As you can see, I love October! But now onto knitting!! My socktober fest socks are on their way, a jumble of leftover sock yarn, that promise and interesting pair of socks! Today I took them on an adventure, to the movies! We saw the wallace and Gromit movie, and I'm surprised how similar I am to Wallace and Gromit! I love cheese and knitting, so I absolutly loved the movie! Yes, a good time was had by all. I even managed to get a picture of the sock enjoying its ride on the skytrain.

(those are my wonderful hands giving the sock a little help so it gets a better veiw)

Earlyer today the sock was enjoying the burst of sunlight we had. I'm really sad it's not going to last, but this sock is meant for the cold days that are to come, so it better get used to it.

Ah the life of a sock.......................................


Monday, October 10, 2005

Socks socks socks!!

Yes, once again I have caught the sock bug!! I decided to join the socktoberfest to finally use up some leftover sock yarn (and I'm hoping for either sock yarn or a yarn store gift certificate for my birthday!! hint hint). So here is my sock drawer, with all three pairs of knitted socks that I own (minus one pair that was given to DS for her birthday).

Notice the stratigicly placed sock yarn. Yes, aren't they beautiful? Ok, from the top clockwise, we have the summer memories socks (oh I remember just how warm it was when i was knitting thse, grr), leftover yarn from them and my sisters socks, first pair of socks ever in primary colours (tee hee I feel like a little kid), fixations socks (those were so much fun to knit, I love fixation!), and at the top we have leftover primary colour sock yarn and fixation. Woot! Socks!!

I think I want to start some socks in the grayish yarn and have primary coloured heels. What do you think? I may also join Katies Sock Scrap Swap, it would be pretty cool to get some new sock yarn. but I'm so impatient and I want to knit something now!!! Oh well, off I go with some sock yarn....


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Socks eh?

Knee length sock You quite like socks, but your not overly-obsessed with them. You would have been a pair of knee-length socks in any colour, and probably stripy or something to make you that little bit more interesting. What type of sock are you?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

My journey into the world of cosmetics

Today I made lip gloss. I am very proud of this lip gloss. I needed an idea for a friends birthday, and while looking on Craftster in the gift idea posts, I decided I should make some lip gloss! I had trouble finding containers at Michales (grr), so I gave up and used old mint and glitter containers. I used the tutorial for chocolate lip gloss, say it with me now, mmmmmm!!! So far they are cooling in the fridge, and boy do they smell good! I already have plans to use some old lipgloss for colour in a new batch of gloss. it's really simple, vaseline or beeswax, whatever you prefer, colour, flavor and a container. I am also decorating a lable for it. This was such a fun day!! (edit: here is the finished product! they are soft, and it reminds me of this chocolate lip balm you can buy at Lush, it's in a whiped mousse form)

I also plan to try this by melting chocolate chips, to see if it is more of an intense chocolate flavor. And I found some Cristal Light individual juice mix packages from the summer in raspberry so I will try that to! Yummy!!

The only good thing about Michales today was that they had cute blank notecards with knitting girls on them!! Ive seen other people get them from their sp's. They have a black shadow of a girl holding some sort of knitted item. Too cute! Can't wait to use them!! -mmmmm, chocolate

Friday, October 07, 2005

Knitting pictures

Thats right, I'm back to my blog being all about knitting. I whiped up a temporary arm warmer (the seccond to be completed tomorrow) tonight and tomorrow I will start on some longer ones out of leftover fixation yran (in yummy red and purple). These are temporary b/c they are short and birght, and a made up pattern. I want some nice are warmers, but these will have to do at the moment. It has been getting really cold in the morning, so these are warmers will sure be used!!!

Yarn: leftover Lerici Feine and Berger de France Ideal, in orange and blue.

Pattern: k2 p2 ribbing and stockinette st. knit flat, sides sewn up.

In other news, starting to panic about what to get my friend for her quickly approaching birthday. Help!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Late night fun

Just a quick blurb. I was bored, so I experimented with some leftover Lericie Feine. Just to get an idea for Clapotis, I still am undecided on what to use. So I thought it would be fun to make a little "swatch". I just did a few rows stocking st and dropped 2 stitches. Hey, it's late, I'm bored, and I miss not knitting!


You are Merino Wool. You are Merino Wool.You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes. What kind of yarn are you? brought to you by