Friday, September 30, 2005

Woa. It's October tomorrow. I need to start crackin'! October is my favorit month not only because of the nice fall weather, pretty leaves, Thanksgiving and Haloween, but it is also the month of one of my best friends birthdays, and mine aswell! We are actually a year and one week apart. So now I have the task of getting together a birthday gift, aswell as a costume for halloween. I have some ideas, but I just need to find the right things. Still waiting on the yarn and camera front. I swear I am going to be sitting at the front door on monday, with hope that my camera will FINALLY be back in my hands. That poor postal worker, they won't even know whats hit them. As for the yarn................ who knows???? It will feel weird going to the knitting club with no knitting........ but hopefully I can drool over books and imagine I have all the yarn in the world and I am blissfully knitting away at every project I could ever think of........................ now that just makes me sad. Though, I have been using my time wisely. I made a Little Mermaid bag out of old sheets. Only problem, I made it square and wanted to fit an image in, so it is HUGE. So it is coming apart tomorrow and being downsized. I hope to get some fance things to make the strap adjustable, then I'll be happy. And I'd better finish it for sat. night, cause I'm going bowling! Yah, thats right! My friends mom is running for something on city council I think, and she is having a fundraiser/campaign thingy, and it's bowling! woo hooo!!!! Ok, dorkieness is over. -Karen

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Still waiting

I'm still waiting for my yarn and camera. In the mean time, I have been sewing a lot. I made a bag for dance clothes(for school), a planner cover, pencil case, and you know about the t-shirts. My next plan is to make a Little Mermaid purse/bag thing out of old Little Mermaid sheets. All I need is some inside fabric. I'm really sorry about the non knitting content in these last posts. It's killing me that I have nothing to knit!!!!!!! :( Oh, and here's some random quiz I took when I saw someone elses result. I never thought I would do well in NYC, but who knows?

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

A little mail can brighten anyones day

Yesterday was very productive. I finished blue bubby #1, re-conned two t-shirts and painted a t-shirt. Plus, there was the added bonus of mail!! I received my free Cover Girl & Teen Vogue "Designed to a tee" contest t-shirt. All you had to do is buy 2 Cover Girl product totaling $9 or more, send the bill and get a free tee!!! The winning design is pretty cool. However, the tee is a big big on me, because I assume they printed one size hoping it would fit any girl. Oh well, I will get around to resizing it one day..........

So about my craftyness yeasterday(don't worry, part of it has to do with knitting!). I faux appliqued some fabric in the shape of a heart and flower onto some old tees and sewed some buttons on. The idea came from a $55 t-shirt i saw in the mall.

The tee I painted is so much fun and I ca't wait to wear it tomorrow!! It's a light pink t-shirt, with the words "I'd rather be knitting" painted on the front. On the back I painted a little ball of yarn with needles sticking out of it. Isn't that cute? I'm going to wear it to my knitting club meeting (can you say dork? I know I am :P).

And finally, some crafting today! I made a simple planner cover with some leftover lepord print fabric. Yes I was very bored this weekend and the idea of knitting ANOTHER bubby put me off knitting. Don't worry, as soon as I get my yarn for hipster, the needles will be a flyin'

Thats all for now. And sorry about the crappy webcam pictures, camera still in the shop. I promise better ones when I get it back!!!!

- Karen

Friday, September 23, 2005

Vacume cleaners hurt.

Sometime my family forgets about me. All alone down here in the basement. So they turn the lights off. No biggy, I can manouver myself from my bedroom to the staires, I know where everything is. CORRECTION, I don't know when someone leaves the vacume cleaner in the middle of my path to the staires. And let me tell you, running into vacume cleaners late at night is not good for you. I can feel the bruise forming. My knee is red and has lost some skin. Gross, I know, but it hurts!!!! Ok, enough of that. My Lambs Pride worsted yarn for Hipster is on its way :D. Can't wait to make it! Then I don't have to carry a big purse around(only a little one for knitting). Plus, I want to make one for my friends birthday with the leftover yarn. *happy dance* I am also praying for fellow bloggers in the path of Rita. What is going on with our world? I hope they are safe and that their stash is with them. Maybe they will finally finish some abandoned UFO's and will come out of the storme laden with freshly knit goods. It's an idea............. - tyred and wounded

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Three whole days, and no plans so far.....

ug. I'm very bored right now. I'm taking a break from Bubby #3 so I don't get to bored and swear off them before I make eough for all the people that want one! ...................... do do di do.................. and all I can do is wait. wait for my camera to arrived, fixed so I can re-take my outdoor photo shoot that got deleated, and take a pictures of my bubby family.... and basicly anything in sight the first day. I swear digital cameras are addictive. I think I am going through withdrawl. I am always thinking, I could take a picture of that! grrrrrr.......... dum de dum de dum......... I really hope I can find some yarn this weekend for my Weasley sweater. I feel bad being part of the KAL and not even have the yarn yet! I swear I'm trying! Yarn just doesn't want to find me! ....................... tap tap tap........................... click click......... oh, I do know what I am going to be for haloween this year. get this, a care bear!! I got the idea from Craftster. some guy made a care bear costume out of a matching sweatshirt and sweat pants set. I want to be the pink one. just b/c it's pink. and it's such an easy costume, warm, and kinda creative. not the witch I have been way too much. and it's cute. come on, who doesn't love a care bear? and even if I only wear it to school and on haloween while I hand out candy (b/c parents wont let me go out, so I will eat a candy for every kid that comes to the door............ thats not alot though b/c we live out of the main area in my city so we get like 20 kids), I will still have a cute sweatshirt afterwards and pink sweat pants. so i get clothing and a costume in one. kinda like last years costume. I was Shandi from ANTM. no one really got it, but I had fun and I now have a cool t-shirt (it says shanthrax on it :D) .................... *humm of a lawn mower/model plain, I'm not sure what it is but it's loud!)................. oh how I wish I could take a picture......... it's so pretty and warm today, and it's fall! waaaaaaaaaaa, i miss my camera. .................................................. oh, some knitting content. I have ordered some lamb's pride worsted yarn for hipster. it will arrive at it's shipping destination some time next week, and then I will have to go pick it up (b/c it's not being sent to my house). I don't care, yarn! ooohhh, how I wish I could tell you what olours it's going to be......... maybe I already told you but I will not again and it will be a surprise when it's all done. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ok, enough of this, I'm sure half the people that started reading this gave up somewear around my care bear costume............. thanks for anyone who stuck it out. uh................. yah................... not a very bright day for me here. toodls. - ..... what?

Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm not alone in my tiny little city!!

I am so happy!! I was at my schools knitting club meeting today. I got to talking with a lady, I'm assuming is some staff member from my school, and I was just so happy! Someone else that has the same dream of opening a yarn store in my little city, that has been to some of the same yarn stores I have and has the same knitting books I do!! I felt like finally!, someone else to talk with about knitting and to discuss project ideas and dream about yarn ........... she has the seccond book by our beloved Yarn Harlot!! She is also knitting something in cashmere and is going to bring it in for us to feel :) *I'm in knitting heaven* Plus, we want to take a feild trip as the knitting club to yarn shops!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! OTHER CRAZY KNITTERS LIKE MYSELF!!!!!! Ok, I just had to get that out. I have a finished Hip scarf but no camera, so I will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting untill I a) borrow a camera or b) make someone take a picture and send it to me Bubby has almost one leg, and will most likely be finished today or tomorrow. - Happy knitter

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The world hates me............

.................. ok not really but it feals like it. Either that or I am getting dummer by the day. The reasons why I now hate Michales: 1. they seem to carry every kind of Lion Brand yarn, EXCEPT the kind I am looking for 2. it's a 30 min. transit ride 3. their coupons only apply to one item, whats the point in that? if it was for your entire purchaes then it would make my trips out there more worthwhile 4. when they put you on hold, they have tricky music. it goes quiet and you think they are finally going to talk to you, then it keeps on going!!! I'm sorry to all of you that love Michales. Maybe it is just my michales. But having gone there twice in a one week period looking for yarn and have come home empty handed. So from now on, I swear not to go to any store looking for yarn and wander around clulessly only to find out they don't have it. I will always call ahead to mkae sure they have exactly what I want. (lets see how long this lasts)

Friday, September 16, 2005

At a loss for words

I don't know any more. Camera is away for service. I am growing extremely impatient about getting my darn lamb's pride yarn. I don't know what I want to knit. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That felt good.

Monday, September 12, 2005

I don't quite know how to explain my weekend. It was full of yarn shop hopping, but it was unhappy. I was desperatly searching for some wool so I could make Hipster from the new Knitty, but no one had what I was looking for! Can you imagine that? So I finally gave up and searched online. I have found a store not so locally that has the exact yarn,but I am willing to travel. I just need to call them and see about the colours. All is good and happy in knitting land!! To other news, I joined my schools knitting club. Yes, I know I'm a dork. But now I have a reson to knit Alison's Hip scarf. I am using my school colours and incorperating the HP theme. It's great!! And to all of you that were sad about my camera (including me!), here are some pictures I managed to load onto the computer.

Finished Fixation socks!
More finished socks!!!
mmmmm, muffins!
And last but not least my hip scarf.
Unless something interesting happens or I just need a place to vent, I might not post for the next few days untill I get my yarn. Look forward to a yarn photo shoot this weekend!
- off in la la land

Friday, September 09, 2005


Soooooo soooo glad it's friday! I need a break from all this getting up early and doing stuff, that thing we call school! So today was pictures day, oh my. Long lines for a 30 seccond photo shoot. No kidding. The worst part is I decided to wear my new fancy shoes But I learned very quickly, pretty = painful. This was the first day wearing them for a long period of time. Even though I had those things you slip onto your feet that are made out of tights material but only cover your foot(you know what I'm talkin' about?), they still hurt! They rubbed at my heels and my blister (OW!). So lesson learned, buy those blister band-aids when wearing new shoes!!!! So any ways, I went to my first school even tonight :). First football game of the season! It was so much fun, my friend and I had a blast! We painted our faces and wore out school colours. You will also be happy to know that the fixation sock accompanyd me to the game. My school won, 42-0. WooOOoot! I also made the mistake of mixing coffee with my hot chocolate so this may not be the only entry I make tonight ................................... Sad news though, my camera is messed up and it keeps wiping my memory card. I had some great pictures I took outside, and of my friends and at the game and when I come home, there all gone. I don't know what it's problem is, but untill we find out i can't show you any new pictures :(. Wish me luck that it can be fixed!!!! -Karen

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Only knitting on my mind

Bad things happen to you the first day of school. Don't worry, I didn't get lost. I was not late. I had friends in my classes. It's actually a pretty good semester. The problem came at the end of the day. Not having homework for 2 months can make you forget about. I grabbed all I needed so I didn't have to lug alot on the bus. I got home, had a drink and decided to get my homework done so I could use the rest of the night to knit. *looking through binder* form, form, form, where's that sheet I wrote my homework on? I have the text book so I didn't need the binder ......... oh crap. OH CRAP. I left it at school. HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID? Now, most of my classmates would be resonable, heck I could do it at lunch because I don't have math untill the afternoon. But something in me freaked out. I mean freak out like I just screwed up 50 rows back on an intricate lace patern in mohair screw up. So what do I do? Grab my sunglasses and bolt for the bus. This is where the probelms begin. It is rush hour. The traffic is not moving (I find out later because of a huge accident on the bridge everyone is trying to get over). So I decide to walk and catch the bus when it passes me. No bus comes. Oh about 6 pass me on the other side, but non on mine. So I walk. Now, I live in a small city so there is only one highschool. I live on one end of the city and it is on the other. So I get there, get my measly binder and start home. The heat is deathly. I have and expired bus pass so it wouldn't matter if a bus come or not. In my haste I slipped on flip flops. This all adds up to a sweatty, hot, dehydrated, me. My feet still hurt. Ok now that I have vented about that, onto something more intereting! I have finished fixation footie #1 and have cast on the top ribbing. My magic scarf is on its way but I like it as an at home project that i can enjoy and my friends will only see the finished project. After these two I will either make a bag (I want to make the french market bag) or the mitten from Vintage Knits. It all depends on what I have in my stash and what the stores have. Sorry this post is not really full of knitting. I can however offer you this picture:

This is just a tea cozy from SnBN I knit a while ago with some yarn from my moms stash. I love it but have no tea pot ..........................

- Karen

Sunday, September 04, 2005

formating is a wonderful thing

I fixed the darn'd SD card and you better get ready for some photos! The weather wasn't great today so these are all indoor photos. I promise to bring the camera outside as soon as its sunny and happy again. So for now, some interesting shots
This is my new knitting needle holder, notice what they call them at Michales ................ and a picture of my leftover beads and kitty note pad.

Here is my elegant glass bead bracelet. I love the cracked design, it reminds me of marble.

You know your obsessed with knitting when you are reading a novel called knitting. It is actually a very good read. About a woman who has lost her husband and how she meets this interesting woman that knits. I would tell you more but you will just have to read it yourself!!!!!! And of course, my knitting wanted to be photographed to, so here is the book wraped in my latest project that has accompanyd me and the book on the couch

At last, my finished Asana. If you like these pictures, wait till I bring this girl out on the town! Look forward to more pictures later this week.

(front veiw) (back veiw)
(with snazy jacket)

and my personal favorit of front with jacket and showing off my bling (new bracelet I made)

One day of complete freedom before school. What shall I do? Whatever happens, you will hear about it. Thats all from me tonight. Night :)

- Karen

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I can not belive I left the camera at home!

A great day was had today, but sadly I forgot the camera. I went to Winners, and believe me there were the funniest shoes ever! I just wish you could have seen them .......... any ways I looked around, found a nice top and skirt, but only left with the top. Then off to Michales!!! I scored a beauteful wine tube that I am using to hold my knitting needles. However, my favorite purchase of the day were some beautiful glass(I think) beads that I got half off thanks to my coupon from the flyer. I made a gorgeous bracelet that I will flaunt at school next week(tee hee!). And don't forget the cutest kitty note pad!!! Sadly, there will be no pictures in this post. My memory card for my camer decided to crap out on me. I will take some pictures, look at them, turn the camera off, then turn it on and look at them again. BUT, when I go to my dads computer(because he has a card reader) to load them onto my computer, there gone! And when I try to look at them on my camera they have suddenly dissapered!!!! I am so enraged that I have given up on pictures tonight so I dont kill something ............ mainly the knitting! Wish me luck with getting this all sorted out. - Fustrated

Friday, September 02, 2005

Change is in the air...........

Ok, so I decided I didn't like my old layout, and I think this one is just so pretty ....... so I changed everything. But thats ok, because it made me finally adjust the buttons on the sidebar to link to their homes! Yay for me! I am slowly working on more links for you to check out, and a gallery .......... Knitting progress: My summer memmories socks (formally know as icecream socks) are finished! Wooppieee!!!!

(Woot! feet in the air!) (Their sexy pose) (Front veiw)

(Side view)

Yes I know the pictures are wierd, but that is only because it is incredibly hard to take good pictures of your feet!!

And now I will unveil to you, my magical scarf! I am using Crazy Aunte Purl's Magic Scarf pattern to create a checker board effect in the yarn. I finally gave up on using my GGH Safari yarn for socks and gave into a scarf. Hey, fall is coming up and this will go with everything because it has so many different colours!!!

(the scarf hangin' out) (the scarf and I are bonding already)

(close up of the pattern)

Well, that's all from me for now. Keep checking the sidebar for more updates as I get to it. Have a good long weekend!!!!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

All the cool kids are doing it.....

As I have been serfing the net and visiting my usual blogs, I am reminded that most of them live in the U.S. and are all heartbroken over the devestation of Katrina. I have read storys of family members and other knitters being down there, left with nothing. It's a scary feeling, looking to what is happening in the world. I don't have means of donating money myself, but I came across this website:
I like this idea of making use of our tallent to help others in need aswell as fellow knitters. So if you can't help by donating money, I like the idea of donating crafts for sale. It's a good way to use up you stash and to help other knitters. I would hope that if this sort of thing happend in my area that Americans would come to our aid as well. On a lighter note, I have been knitting like crazy to get some socks done before I get Vintage Knits and fall in love with a pattern and forget all about socks .............. because I know it's going to happen!! The gift pair is almost done, I just need the toe of the seccond sock, and to buy more yarn ............(yes I ran out). The first pair for myself is knit in a beautiful combination of bright colours. It's so yummy looking! It reminds me of icecream!! Ah, what wonderful summer socks. After that if I am still knitting socks, it will be and experiment with leftover Cascade Fixation yarn from my SnBN tankini(note to self, get a photo gallery up so people know what a project looks like when I am talking about it!!!) So here is a sneek peak of, wait ................ my icecream socks!(soon to be named better)

(ain't she a beauty?)